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We have made it our duty to use only the finest and best ingredients in our products. Our company is all about keeping our products free of synthetic fragrances, dyes and other harsh chemicals to ensure that you get a more natural approach to body care. We assure you that essential oils, natural clays, minerals, butters, and herbs are used in place of harmful chemicals found in traditional
body care products.

Artisan Soap Bergamot Italia: With the lovely slip of the french clays

Spice and citrus with subtle floral notes is one way of how we describe the  fresh scent of this beautiful Italian Bergamot essential oil soap. With the lovely slip of the french clays that also give this Bergamot Italia bar its color and look, you and your body are in for a very exciting exotic treat. Luxury Artisan Soap is great for the body and has a very relaxing feeling.