MONOGRAM NECKLACES – Seeing is believing

NECKLACESWho in this day hasn’t heard of the NECKLACES? It’s everywhere! But what exactly is the evil eye and why does it have so much popularity in this day and age? We will look into all this and see why after so long we have a sign that we’re not willing to let go of (me in particular!) A sign that has become one of the strongest representative images in the world.

What is the meaning of the “MONOGRAM NECKLACES”?

The evil eye is the idea that there are people who can place a severe eye on you. This bad eye informed of as a look given to inflict harm, suffering or some form of bad luck on a person. These ill feelings, whether done consciously or unconsciously, may still put a jinx on an individual or item, causing something bad to happen to them. It is because of this that throughout many stages of human history man has searched for the assistance of magical objects, called talismans, to defy these evil forces.

Where did the MONOGRAM NECKLACES start?The first recorded picture of the evil eye was over 5000 years ago by the Mesopotamians. They lived in the land corresponding mostly to today’s Iraq, but also parts of modern-day Iran, Syria, and Turkey. It was in this area that clay tablets inferred with the image of the evil eye carved into them. Perhaps this is why belief in the evil eye is strongest in the Middle East.

Who believes in it?NECKLACES

Belief in the evil eye is worldwide. However, the belief of how the evil eye can affect you are not tantamount. Here are a few examples of how faith in the evil eye differs throughout the world.

India: In India, it informed that the eye is the most authoritative source on the body which can give off energy. Therefore it is no surprise that if the eye is capable of sending out evil, it will be the strongest form of evil and thus need protection. In India that the evil eye can be brought about by the looks of admiration as well as looks of evil. Remind me to be cautious about looking people directly in the eye the next time I’m talking to someone!

Brazil: Here the evil eye is better known as the “fat eye.” In Brazil, and other parts of South America, that compliments which are given and not sincere can bring about the evil eye. The same is not true for sincere compliments. It does make me wonder how much more honest people may be in South America!

Europe: In Europe that malicious looks or looks of greed or envy have the power to bring about the evil eye. In different parts of Europe, different signs were thought to be the indicator of whether a person held an evil eye or not. Such signs include rare colored eyes as the Germans believed red eyes were the sign of the MONOGRAM NECKLACES or squinty eyes as was thought to be a sign of the evil eye in Ireland. Those who had a unibrow in Italy were believed to hold the evil eye. Imagine being red eyes, squinting, unibrow girl, and there was no hope!

Popularity of the MONOGRAM NECKLACES charm

I should say at this point that the evil eye doesn’t just need to come from an enemy or stranger, but can be caused by oneself. In today’s world which we live. That too much fame, fortune, success or praise may be the reason for bringing one’s downfall. Perhaps that’s why over the years evil eye charms have collected so much attention in the public eye. They have in public by celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian and Rhianna. But perhaps the most familiar example was Lindsay Lohan when she was photographed wearing evil eye jewelry when in court adding a sense of her plea for support during the troubling times. Maybe she was looking for the chance to get rid of the mean girl look?  Or maybe there is something more to this charm than meets the eye!


How to escape the evil from the eye

The most traditional method of avoiding the evil eye’s effects is through the use of the evil eye charm. The evil eye charm NECKLACESbelieved to create a level of protection and reflect the destructive power of the evil look. That if your evil eye charm cracks or breaks, it has done its job of protecting you against some form of bad and should be replaced. I am lucky that after all these years my evil eye charms (yes, more than one – perhaps I need extra protection?!) have never broken!

Why protect oneself?

We may not know when a person is giving us the “evil eye” (scary, I know!) This is why so many people make it their jewelry of choice, to ensure that they protected. When a person wears or carries with them an evil eye, it believed that they would guard against bad things which may will onto them by others.

I searched and searched for so long until I found jewelry which I loved! I mean, I’d have to like it if I’m planning on never taking it off! I’ve worn my necklace countless times and always get compliments on it! But my favorite is my bracelet which has never come off! It’s weird; I’ve developed a connection to the bracelet and believe it will push away any evil feelings intended for me! But maybe that’s just me being superstitious.